Sunday, August 30, 2015

School Lunch: Week 4

This week was a weird week for lunches....meaning Wednesday was a short day so no lunch at school. (we had nachos at home with friends!!)  Alayna also only had school lunch one day this week, so there are only 3 lunches.

Day 1: Whole Grain Leige Waffle with natural peanut butter and banana slices inside, carrots and sweet bell peppers, and a hard boiled egg.  For snack...almonds and a clementine.
Verdict: WINNER!!  Alayna ate everything and LOVED having breakfast for lunch. 

Day 2: Grilled chicken with BBQ sauce (there's something about "dips" that kids love!), pluot, celery sticks with natural peanut butter and a healthy chocolate peanut butter treat.  Snack was a fruit pouch and mixed nuts.
Verdict: The only thing she didn't eat was the treat!  She didn't see it she said.  Alayna didn't eat everything at school but finished it all at home!

Day 3: Homemade chicken nuggets with bbq sauce, mozarella cheese slices, and sweet bell peppers.  Friday I like to give her a surprise/treat so today it was apple juice!  For snack...Pamela's gluten free cinnamon graham crackers and some almonds.
Verdict: Alayna ate most of her chicken, ALL her pepper, and some cheese.  She didn't think the apple juice was that exciting!  I think she was expecting a cookie or something!  Alayna did eat all her snack and finished her chicken and cheese when she got home!

Alayna's lunch box is from Costco and we LOVE it!  It has a freezable pouch thing that sits right inside and keeps everything cold.  The lunch box is a good size as is, but it also expands.  It's big but not too big!  The container we use is  looks like the same brand as the lunchbox...Ultra Arctic Zone.

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