Saturday, August 15, 2015

School Lunch: Week 2

There are only 4 lunches this week because Alayna stayed home sick one day.  I've learned a few things....

1. Food tastes better and stays better if I pack it in the morning.  The night before I write on a notecard what goes in her lunch (Alayna helps me pick!!), and I put it together while the girls are eating breakfast.  It's worked fine!!  Some things that are packaged I'll put in the night before.  Then on the other side of the notecard I leave Alayna a little note!

2. She doesn't eat NEARLY as much at school compared to what I know she can eat at home.  The one day I sent a little less she ate EVERYTHING at school.  When it's too much food, she doesn't eat hardly anything.

3. I was sending a snack, but since she's not eating all her lunch.....she can finish her lunch at snack time!!

Here are her lunches this past week!!

Day 1: ham, cheese, and olive kabobs, strawberries, celery and carrots and mixed nuts for snack.
Verdict: Alayna thought this was too hard to eat?!?!  I was so confused.  She ate it at home though when she got home from school!

Day 2: She wanted something simpler.....string cheese, avocado and pb smoothie, grapes, and snap peas.
Verdict: She did ok....not feeling well still and the tube of smoothie made a big old mess.  Those will be saved for home!!!

Day 3: Grilled Chicken strips and BBQ sauce, sweet bell pepper, cinnamon apple slices, and roasted almonds.
Verdict: THIS WAS HER FAVORITE LUNCH ALL WEEK!!!  She ate everything AT school!!

Day 4: Pepperoni and cheese and whole grain crackers, grapes, carrots and snap peas, and gluten free, whole grain cookies we got from Love With Food!!
Verdict:  She didn't even eat the cookies!!  I don't know what happened today but she didn't eat much! 

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