Saturday, August 8, 2015

School Lunch: Week 1

My sweet Alayna started all day Kindergarten this last week, and I am on a mission to make awesome, healthy, filling lunches for her!!  There's something so rewarding knowing I am fueling my daughter while I'm not there.  She only had 3 days the first week of school, so that's why there are only 3 lunches posted.  It's funny the things I learned already from packing the lunches I did.  Mainly....crackers don't go in the same sealed container as all the other food...they came out super soggy by the time she got to eat them.

Without further ado.....
 Day 1: leftover homemade chicken pot pie, peach slices, snap peas, and cheddar cheese slices
 VERDICT: She needs to eat MUCH faster!!  She only ate 2 bites of the pot pie, all her peaches, all her snap peas, and a few bites of cheese.  The chicken pot pie was warm but soggy.

Day 2: Whole grain crackers, cheddar cheese triangles, ham and turkey slices, hard boiled egg, fresh fruit salad, and snap peas and sweet bell peppers
VERDICT: The only problem was the soggy crackers and dried up cheese.  She ended up sharing some egg and meat with a friend and finished the rest at home.

Day 3: Leftover Brat with ketchup, cauliflower and sweet bell pepper, tube with frozen pureed pear, strawberry, and avocado, and a homemade oatmeal cookie for her special Friday treat.
VERDICT: She LOVED the frozen tube of fruit, ate the cookie and pepper and a few bites of brats.  She shared her cookie with a friend!!

**I've already got some fun ideas for week 2!**