Saturday, September 5, 2015

School Lunch: Week 5

There are only 3 lunches this week because we prepaid for 2 hot lunches.  We kept it pretty simple, and Alayna seems to be eating more than the first couple weeks!!  I think she's finally got the timing down! 

I can't decided if I want to get a new lunch container though.  The one we have is nice, but if there's anything juicy (the fruit) it spills onto everything else, so I have to pack it separately.  I was thinking about the Rubbermaid Lunch Blox!

Day 1: sandwich on a stick, sunflower seeds, sweet bell pepper, and a pluot.  She did have a snack that afternoon too, but I can't remember what it was. 
Verdict: AWESOME!  Alayna said her friends even liked her sandwich on a stick.  This girl LOVES her mini peppers too!

Day 2: Pb & J on whole wheat bites, broccoli and homemade buttermilk ranch, frozen mixed berries.
Verdict:  Great again!  The only problem was the juice from the berries.  Alayna asked for berries AGAIN!

Day 3: Leftover all beef hot dog, cheddar cheese bites, cucumber, and mixed berries.  For snack was a mix of roasted almond, raisins, and Annie's Cheddar bunnies.
Verdict:  She didn't eat as much today but did finish everything once she got home.  She loved helping me make her snack mix the night before!  And YES, she picks out her fruit and vegetable from the choices I give her and helps me each night!! 

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