Sunday, September 20, 2015

School Lunch: Week 7

Day 1: Ham and Cheese Sandwich, cucumbers and carrots, peaches and blueberries
VERDICT:  She ate most the sandwich, all the carrots and some of the fruit and cucumbers.  It was a lot of food for her!

Day 2: Ham and cheese bites, grapes, carrots and her leftover cucumbers
VERDICT:  She hardly ate anything today!!  Not sure why, but she finished her fruits and veggies later.

Day 3: Roast and cheese on a homemade roll, mini bell peppers, and green apples.
VERDICT:  Alayna picked everything today and did pretty good!  Ate the roll sandwich and one pepper and most the apples.  She shared it at home after school!

Day 4: String Cheese, ham, strawberries, carrots and cucumbers, and gluten free pretzel crisps. 
VERDICT: Alayna apparently is brand specific when it comes to string cheese and would NOT eat this one.  She ate all the berries, and some veggies, and one piece of ham, then most the pretzels.  Again, she finished it when she got home!!

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